to freshmen youngins

Freshmen year can be one of the easiest or hardest years in high school. Just try your hardest and look for the positive in things. It’s gonna be hard at first but keep trying.

Be nice to your teachers and try your best to work with them. They are how you make them. Try to be nice to your fellow students because you’ll be with them all year. Having a positive attitude could determine how your entire year will go. Just try to stay positive.

Make sure you always try your best. If you want to make classes go by faster I’ve always found that doing your work really makes classes speed by. If you’re ever having trouble with your work in class I suggest you ask your teacher they are your best resource.

REALLY STUDY and be prepared for the regents test. Really focus on science, math, and global. The regents test are the real sign that high school is no joke. IF you want a successful and fun high school experience make sure you’re always doing your work first then you can do any other extracurricular activities or whatever else you have to do.

High School is how you make it so make it fun.